Using your own photo library or professional shots that either another photographer or myself have taken for you, I aim to create beautiful timeless fine art albums that you can treasure forever, and share with your family and friends.

With the abundance of quick and easy ways to take photographs these days it's no wonder that millions of images get lost in digital format somewhere on your computer or old hard drive...never to be seen again!

I have come up with a simple solution to not only keeping all your beloved memories in an organised fashion on a computer or hardrive, but also making them easily accessible in the form of a photo album that you will be able to treasure forever. What better way to remember a family holiday, a special occasion or even significant memories in a particular year...i.e. 2015 - new house, birth of first child, adopted a rescue dog, Dad's 70th birthday, trip to Mallorca, Sister Wedding etc...

These are just some of the albums that I have worked on to date, but I am happy to tailor this service to any request. 

''My daughter had one of Flo's beautiful Photo Albums made as a birthday gift, and words can't describe how thrilled I am with it. Such a thoughtful idea for a present, which now has pride and place on our coffee table. I thoroughly recommend printing images to everyone - you enjoy them so much more!''

Anne-Marie Bennett


1. Meet up to discuss exactly what you are looking for.  Collect your photographs. Go though you album specs such as colour, material, size, personalised titles etc...

(Please have a look at the form below prior to our meeting and if you would like to be really organised and save time, fill it in best you can.)

2. Image Selection Process (I will choose the best of the bunch.) 

3. Image Retouching Process. (I will edit the best ones to give them more of a wow factor and to get rid of any bumps & lumps you might not want to see!) 

4. Images are put in private 'password protected'  gallery which you have access to so you can select favourites to be included in your album.

(Should you not wish to be involved in the images selection process at all I will still send you this private folder so you can check you are happy with the editing process.)

5. Once the final image selection has been made, I will begin designing your album! We have 40 double page spreads to work with (max 250 photos) per album.

6. Once the Album Design Process is complete you will be sent a link so you can review your album online. You will be able to add comments on each page and request any changes. This process can be repeated until you are 100% happy! 

7. Once you give me the go ahead, the album goes to print, and is then packaged up and either hand delivered straight to your front door , or I can pop it in the post it (depending on the shipping location.) 


Fine Art Book

The Fine Art Book includes 20 double page spreads, which is the same as 40 individual sides. As this style of album allows for a more flexible design, the number of images included within it can range from 60 to 100, with a typical book containing 80 images  

Matted Photo Album

The Matted Album includes 20 double page spreads, which is the same as 40 individual sides. As this album has a more classic design style, the number of images included within it can range from 60 to 80, with a typical book containing 70 images. 

If you have any more questions or would like to talk through the album process with me then you can either email me on: or give give me a call on: 07711488878. Alternatively you can use our contact form below.

Look forward to hearing from you!